Autism Share
Celebrate Autism Awareness Month!
2nd Annual Autism Awareness Walk and Fair by AutismShare.
The ultimate goal for this walk is to increase public awareness and raise funds to open CLUB AUTISM, our own Autism Community Center. 
Invite families, friends and neighbors and have a fund day out!
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10 Teams

121 Walkers

1. Register and Form a TEAM!

Become a team captain, choose a team name, ask 3 people or more to join you & Have fun! Once you have signed up, you will get your own personal and customizable team webpage to track donations & make giving easy. Deadline for guaranteed walker t-shirt is March 15th!

Note: when registering more than one family member at a time, each person needs to be entered in the registration section separately. Be sure to click "REGISTER ANOTHER" and not "complete Registration" after you enter each person's information. Only click on "Complete Registration" after you have entered the final person's information. You can always come back and register more at any time.

2. Become a Sponsor!

With over 700 people expected at this year's event, your sponsorship of the event is an excellent opportunity to tell our community about the products or services. Contact us for this awesome opportunity!

3. Donate Today!

If you don't have a specific team you'd like to support, your general donation will go towards the programs and services we offer. Just click the link for Donate link.

4. Matching Gift

Does your employer have a matching gift program? If they do, your donation just DOUBLED!!

Make a donation, then ask your co-workers to do the same. Together, we can all make a difference.

Teams will get credit for obtaining matching gift donations!

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